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Jenn Smith

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Indigenous Cultural Safety Educator
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Indigenous Thought Leader
Truth & Reconciliation Agent
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Jenn Smith is from the Tlowitsis Nation (pronounced “tlow-eet-sees”) located on Vancouver Island. She graduated from Royal Roads University in 2017 with a Masters in Health Leadership and has over 25 years of community-based experience.

Jenn currently resides on beautiful Katzie territory in Pitt Meadows and is a proud grandmother of five. She is passionate about creating safe spaces for learning and dialogue on truth-telling, Cultural Safety and Reconciliation.

Jenn is confident that the progress we make on these topics will positively impact generations to come.


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Jenn has been delivering Cultural Safety education to diverse audiences and healthcare professionals throughout BC for nine years.

Her teachings are rooted in traditional oral history and knowledge passed down by ancestors and mentors across generations.

She strongly emphasizes that the first step in an individual's cultural safety journey is to understand BC's colonial history and its profound impact on First Nations people.

Jenn's method involves a gentle, yet powerful approach of teaching through story-telling, as an effective means of engagement that reaches both the heart and the thinking mind. 


  • Cultural Safety and Humility 

  • Indigenous Trauma

  • Intergenerational Impacts

  • Indigenous Resiliency

  • History and landscape of First Nations in BC

  • Truth and Reconciliation

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Abstract Horizon

Truth and Reconciliation

"There can be no Reconciliation, without the Truth"

Chief Willie Sellars while reading the preliminary results from

St. Joseph's ground penetrating radar. 


Reconciliation is about re-establishing the relationship between First Nations and non-First Nations people with the goal of achieving mutual respect.


The essence of Canada's formation lies in our shared colonial history. It is crucial for us to delve into the truths of this history, understanding its impacts. By collectively acknowledging and learning from this shared history, we pave the way for a positive path forward, blazing a trail of understanding and unity.

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Maya'xala - Respect for oneself and all things, living or otherwise 

  • Love

  • Laughter

  • Kindness

  • Culture

  • Positivity

Acknowledgement (phonetic)

Gai lah kyass’ dakw’lah


Gai lah kyahss lah Katzie


Noo Gwah um Dlah’ Dlah Gwotl


Gye yoo tlahss lach’ Kah loo gwees


Gye yoo thlass lach’ Mim qwam lees


Oh lah gyah lah Ee kyoch’ dah’ nah lah


Gai lah kyahss lah!


Welcome to all the people


Thank you to the Katzie Nation


My name is Standing Together in Strength


I come from Turnour Island


I come from Village Island


It is truly great this day


Welcome and thank you!

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